It is an action RPG game of a top view.
The game exhibited by the event "red-and-white Flash battle" of the end of the year of a FLASH animation thread of 2ch of a Japanese huge bulletin board.
I thought that overseas people could play if an English-language edition is made although it is poor translation, and made.

[Outline a story]

The end of 2014

Brightness with the red-and-white blade which Ms. Miku had privatized as a matter of fact was blunt.
The fire power of the red-and-white blade fell little by little every year.
And almost all power has been lost suddenly recently.

"The red-and-white blade was able to cross and do the Welsh onion of the symbol of red and a white group surely."

Repair is possible if it goes to red-and-white island in which they live?
Or something is starting the red-and-white island?

Ms. Miku possessed the red-and-white blade which lost power, and he got in the ship of red-and-white island going.

Go to a red-and-white island.
It is not a request this time.
I go independently.

[Various introduction]
Yaruo At the request of Monar which hates argument, he was temporarily inaugurated as the white group representation of the red-and-white island.
"Become a target of a red group instead of us!"
received the above-mentioned request with smile.
Miku The person who plays an active part in every place every year and who can sing.
Since the fire power of the red-and-white blade privatized as a matter of fact was lost. Came for cause investigation to the red-and-white island.
This time, I came for the independence target instead of someone's request to the red-and-white island.
Monar Those who teach many things and need your help.
A policy does not tell a lie.
It is reliance upon others comparatively.

[Game start]
[How to play (the operation method)]
[Collection of hints]2015/3/9 updating

[The executable file for Windows ->]2015/3/9 updating
(Save data is not so common as the Web version)

"Red-and-White FLASH battle"
2014 December 31 The 3rd game White group work

[Credit title]

Music offer
Name HP
HiLi-ひぃ- こんとどぅふぇ
みそか ぱにっくぱんぷきん
ユウラボ スキップモア

Picture offer (dot picture)
Name HP
ゴボリ ゴボリーン
レヴ レヴの館(仮)
安野譲 消失点
.//シキ (Pixivユーザーページ)
ねくら ねくらマップチップのいろいろ
ぴぽ ぴぽや
ハムコロ様 HamCorossam

Picture offer (illustration)
Name HP
おっく おっくねっと。
しび黒さん (ニコ生コミュページ)
ケム ケムケム団

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